Brilliant Iris
Golden Poppies
The Lone Cypress (Pebble Beach)
Monterey Wharf Restaurant
Carmel Mission
The Palm Parrot
Paris Cafe (Latin Quarter)
Quiet Morning (Polpero)
Riomaggiore, Italy
Snack Shack (Capitola)
Tropical Harbor (Caribbean)
White Azalea
Potted Begonias
Palm Leaves Squared
Original floral acrylic
Original Floral Acrylic
Hanging Red Blossoms
Orange & White Blossoms
Single Thai Dancer
Two Thai Dancers
Geisha -1.
Geisha 2.

About Sally

Sally's life is a palette of many colors. In addition to being a successful watercolor artist, she is also a book author, the mother of four, a gourmet cook, an avid traveler, a tennis player, and a professional realtor.

Sally was born in London, England, not far from Big Ben and the House of Parliament. As a teenager growing up in London, Sally studied art at St. Martin's School of Art and Design. In those days, she displayed her paintings on the iron railings along the River Thames, hoping to sell them to passing art lovers.

The Travel Bug

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